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Is Douglas Fir Better Than Cedar? — Answer

Is Douglas fir better than cedar? While Cedar is easier to work with and more rot resistant being of the Type II durability class, Doug Fir is stronger and of Type III durability.

How much does Douglas fir cost?

In February 2018, the weighted average price of Douglas fir export logs was $887/MBF, which is 26 percent higher than the February 2017 price of $706/MBF.

Is Douglas fir good for exterior use?

Turns out Douglas fir is more than just a good-looking wood. Its durability and resistance to rot and insects make it a favorite choice for outdoor projects like porch decking as well.

Is fir good for siding?

Like pine and spruce, fir is used as an economical siding option. It comes in long lengths, is easy to cut and install, takes a finish well, and is readily available regionally in the West. Like the other softwoods, fir is easily milled to a pattern, be it shiplap, tongue-and-groove, or board-and-batten.

Can you use Douglas fir as siding?

Douglas fir is easy to install, which makes it great for DIY home projects. Fir has a smooth finish, making it an attractive option for many different home projects. It comes in long planks, making it ideal for siding and decking.

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Is Pine cheaper than Douglas fir?

Cost. Cost is the overriding factor when differentiating between pine and fir. In applications where either wood can be used, such as exteriors, interior trim or even decking, pine will save thousands of dollars over fir. It should also be noted that fir is made into plywood far more often than pine.

Is Douglas fir a good wood for a fence?

Douglas Fir – This is another abundant wood type that is very popular for fencing. It is beautiful and fragrant, definitely a preferred choice for fences and decks. It is insect resistant and does not require painting or staining. Usage for fence posts is discouraged as it can rot from absorbing too much moisture.

What is Douglas fir wood good for?

Commonly, Douglas Fir is a species of softwood, but it is also considered to be one of the widely-used types of lumber, especially in fencing, home construction and decking in the United States. It is also popular due to its perfect proportion of weight and strength.

Is Doug fir a hardwood?

Doug-Fir is one of the most popular softwoods used both in factories and at home, and it is quite an interesting species. Despite being a softwood, it possesses features that enable it to be used in tasks mostly meant for hardwoods. Also, Doug-fir is very tough and has great longevity.

Is Douglas fir a pine?

Douglas fir, which has sometimes been called the Douglas tree, Oregon pine, and Douglas spruce, is not actually a true fir, a pine, or a spruce. Douglas firs are evergreen trees, meaning they keep their needle-like leaves year-round.

How much does Douglas fir cost per foot?

Douglas Fir Dimension

Douglas Fir Dimension Prices per Linear Footage as of Nov 26, 2021
Description 100-249 L.F. 1000+ L.F.
1×2 Douglas Fir 6.25 2.15
1×3 Douglas Fir 7.50 3.40
1×4 Douglas Fir 7.65 3.55

How does Douglas fir stain?

Douglas fir is light-amber in color with a somewhat benign character if not properly stained to bring out the minimal grain patterns. Douglas fir can be beautiful in the right hands using the right stain. Part of the key is to open pores with sandpaper to allow stain penetration.

Does Menards carry Douglas fir?

4 x 6 #1 & Better S4S Douglas Fir Timber at Menards®

How do you make Douglas fir last outside?

As a softwood, Douglas fir absorbs most coatings. Chemically treating the boards or using a waterproof application gives you the best results. Double coats of exterior-grade stain protect your wood from the elements.

What does new wood siding cost?

Wood Siding Costs

Installing 1500 square foot of new wood siding will cost an average of about $12,500 or between $7,000 and $23,000. For DIYers with the proper equipment, you’ll only pay about $5,000 for 1500 square feet for the materials alone.

Does cedar siding rot?

One of the biggest issues of cedar siding is its durability. Cedar is definitely more durable than some other woods, such as pine, but it still has its limitations. If the cedar is installed too close to the ground, it will absorb water and start to rot.

Can you use Douglas fir for Shou Sugi?

If you haven’t already guessed, today, we are going to take on another species in our Shou Sugi Ban lineup: Pseudotsuga menziesii- yes folks, we’re talking about Douglas fir. Unique among the softwood species, Douglas fir is dimensionally stable without being dried, exhibiting less shrinkage or significant twisting.

How much does pine siding cost?

Pine wood siding

Similar to fir wood, it costs about $2 to $5 per square foot.

Which is stronger yellow pine or Douglas fir?

In the fact that they are both softwoods, Southern yellow pine and Douglas fir are somewhat different. In strength, durability, weather resistance, looks, and usage. Southern yellow pine is stronger physically. Whereas Douglas Fir is more versatile and easy to work with.

Is Douglas fir good for framing?

Douglas Fir-Larch studs are the backbone for most interior and exterior wall framing. Characteristics affecting strength and stiffness values are limited, making this product perfectly suited for vertical uses such as load- bearing walls.

Is Douglas fir more expensive than yellow pine?

Fir is typically the more expensive of the two types of wood. Douglas fir plywood and regular lumber are typically more available and desirable for applications like flooring, decking, and other construction elements. By contrast, yellow pine is typically only used to make furniture, and sometimes cabinets and chests.

What is the cheapest wood for a fence?

Treated pine is the most affordable and durable wood option, with HomeAdvisor estimating approximately $1 to $5 per linear foot for a 6-foot tall privacy fence board. Pressure treated pine will be more durable than regular pine over time, so it is a good value even though it costs a bit more.

Is Douglas fir cheaper than redwood?

Although Redwood lumber is more prominently found, Douglas fir lumber is extremely economical in comparison to Redwood lumber. Generally, Douglas fir is about 50% cheaper than Redwood, which is considered to be one of the most expensive types of lumber.

What is the strongest wood for fence?

Redwood is arguably the most extensively used type of wood for wood fencing and even though it comes at a high cost, redwood’s quality, durability, and aesthetic value make it among the best options.

Is Douglas fir wood durable?

Rot Resistance: Douglas-Fir heartwood is rated to be moderately durable in regard to decay, but is susceptible to insect attack. Workability: Typically machines well, but has a moderate blunting effect on cutters. Accepts stains, glues, and finishes well.

Does Douglas fir make good furniture?

In comparison to its weight, Douglas fir ranks as the strongest of all American woods. It is also stiff, stable, and relatively decay resistant. Douglas fir’s coarse texture can’t easily be worked with hand tools. Flatsawed, Douglas fir makes attractive, serviceable cabinets and paintable furniture.

Is Douglas fir too soft for flooring?

We often get asked, “Don’t you think Douglas Fir is too soft of a species to be use as flooring? Douglas Fir is softer than other species like Oak, Hickory, Maple, etc. Douglas Fir is actually the most stable species used for hardwood flooring.

How do you tell a Douglas fir from a pine?

If a twig bears needles in groups of two, three, or five, you can safely call it a pine. If the twig carries its needles singly, it’s a good bet you’ve got a fir or a spruce. Pull off a needle, and roll it between your fingers. If it feels flat and doesn’t roll easily, it’s a fir.

Do Douglas firs fall easily?

What kind of tree is it? Douglas fir are the most likely to fall. Cedar is a little more stable. Deciduous trees usually only lose large limbs during storms because they have a deeper root system.

How long does a Douglas fir last?

Douglas Fir.

You can expect it to last about four weeks.

What’s the difference between #1 and #2 lumber?

#1 Grade: When appearance becomes more of a factor, #1 Grade will contain smaller, fewer, sound, tight knots and have less wane than found in #2 Grade. While it can have wane similar to that found in #1 Grade, it has tighter growth rings and contains smaller and fewer knots.

What does Douglas fir lumber look like?

In terms of appearance, Douglas fir usually has a light brown color with a touch of red or yellow in-between darker growth rings, although the appearance can range widely depending on age and location of growth.